Hospital Cleanliness

Cleaning and maintaining a germ-free environment is an essential part of reducing the risk of infection in hospitals around the world. Providing a self and clean environment for patients is one of the highest priorities to hospital functioning, as those inside often have weakened immune systems. The smallest germs and microbes can alter a patient’s health in just seconds.

Despite hospital efforts, a growing body of evidence suggests that hospital surfaces and floors are severely contaminated with pathogens that serve as strong forces of infection. Drug-resistant organisms, such as Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, have the capacity to survive on inanimate surfaces for months, serving as reservoirs for transmission to healthcare workers and susceptible patients. That’s why it’s critical to eliminate the germs before entering hospital environments, and that’s done through our clean and safe products. Both the Seat Belt Pro and the Mat Pro would stop germs before they start to ensure patients and workers are safe.